Georgia is releasing a controversial new specialty license plate featuring the Confederate battle flag.

  • And a dunce cap.


According to a new study, the SAT is not a good indicator of college success.

  • Not as much as blood alcohol content.


In Michigan a woman who conned people by faking cancer, was sentenced to prison.

  • She immediately grabbed her heart and yelled, “This is the big one! Elizabeth, I’m coming to join you, honey!”


A new study says that cats may be able to even see things that are invisible.

  • Well, in that case that means that they’re just lying there on the floor trying to trip me on purpose.
  • Then why can’t mine ever seem to find the litter box?
  • On some days so can Charlie Sheen.

A hunter in Tampa shot a man twice, mistaking him for a deer. The victim is fine but doesn’t understand why he was mistaken as a deer since at the time he was practicing turkey calls.

  • It’s a good thing he wasn’t practicing duck calls or he might have been harpooned.


A British newspaper mistakenly reported that Patrick Stewart was gay.

  • Wait, a gay British actor? Seriously?

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